About Our NJ Ecommerce Consulting Business

Julex Consulting has over 19 years in the retail ecommerce business.

We are located in northern NJ but in the internet business, it does not matter if you are located on the other side of the world, as long as we have an internet connection, we can help you build a website, market your products online or whatever it takes to help your ecommerce business. If you are in the northern NJ or Tri-State area, we can come out and meet with you to discuss your digital project. We offer  a free estimate on your project and a detailed analysis of the scope of work it will take to complete your web project. We have experience in all facets of e-commerce and have sold and marketed online successfully almost every kind of product and product category out there. We have experience in working with all the major marketplaces like Amazon.com, eBay.com, NewEgg.com, Walmart.com and more. We help new startups and existing businesses small or large in every facet of their ecommerce business.